I believe the little things matter. What is your business? Where do you want it to go? What makes it unique? I believe that a great idea isn't enough. Your brand is more than a product. Your identity is more than what you build. It's a feeling. That's what I try to capture with my graphic design.
 Writing appears everywhere we go. It's one of the few things we see constantly, every day, without ever thinking about it. It's not just the words we read on the Internet or in magazines. It's a great tagline. It's an enticing product description. If writing is good, it's rarely something we discuss. But if it's bad, it's a conversation piece.
 Throughout my life, I've always believed in storytelling. At its best, I think photography transcends time and place. Whether you're getting married, playing a concert or a sold-out sporting event, or even getting "just" portraits, my photos tell your story.